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Goddess behavior

Madi Jay Mbunifu Face Jewel

Goddess Behavior honors all that we are. Multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, and polarizing. We are our best when we are Ma’at – balanced; rewarding both the achievements and the shadow-work to heal as many wounds as possible. We know when to call on which powers. Not all situations require us to rise above, sometimes we are a vessel for a lesson. Other times we are the example to show others how possibility looks. Through it all, we adorn ourselves as personal protection, amplification, and reminders. We are Royal.

We honor those who have come before us and we uplift those walking in our footsteps. We are a tribe. 

We Give Thanks • Through Goddess Behavior, we embody Asase Yaa Ashanti, the Ghanian earth goddess, creator of humanity, and mother of the gods. Abuk. In Sudanese Dinka mythology, she is the first woman and the patron goddess of women and gardens. We embody Aje – the Nigerian Yoruba goddess of wealth. Yemaya and Mamlambo, the Yoruba Mother of the ocean and the Zulu Goddess of the river, respectively. Oshun, the Orisa Goddess of Love and Sensuality. Bomo Rambi is a moon Goddess of Zimbabwe. Oya. The Yoruba warrior Goddess of the wind, lightning, tornadoes, earthquakes, cemeteries, and death. We feel their presence and call on their spirits as needed to aid us in achieving our dreams.

Adornments Galore • Goddess Behavior is the roll-out of a collection filled with dynamism. It’s literally full of energy and excitement. These statement pieces evoke a mood that epitomizes its name. When you see the Goddess walk in, you already know what time it is.

Explore the collection here: GODDESS BEHAVIOR

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