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My Story Adorned In Taji

About Adorned In Taji 

Adorned In Taji creates adornments that enhance your personal power, making you feel as powerful on the outside as you are on the inside. Our pieces are intuitively designed and carefully handcrafted with nature’s raw materials, including ethical gemstones, copper, cowrie, and wood. 

Taji means Crown in Kiswahili. The divine aesthetic that makes Adorned In Taji pieces so recognizable is channeled from a place long-forgotten, a place where the royal blood flowing through our veins was honored and revered. A place of love.

It’s an honor to adorn Royals — no matter your age nor gender — and to offer multi-dimensional pieces that complement a variety of styles, from casual to black-tie. If you let it, Adorned In Taji amplifies your Royal.

My Story

Adorned In Taji came to be when multifaceted Creative and Healing Arts Jeweler NayMarie, evolved the jewelry business that her Mother started. She initially began creating adornments to encourage and support her Mom’s entrepreneurial journey, but when her Mother put jewelry creation on pause, Nay continued the healing art. 

She had developed a passion for adorning Royals. Between seeing the instant confidence boost, and hearing them say that they felt like royalty while watching the way they finessed a mirror or an Instagram video literally swelled her heart and reinforced that she is here to aid in the healing and upliftment of her community.

Plus they kept coming back and asking for more pieces, so she continued to create them and officially launched Adorned In Taji in June 2019.
NayMarie is also the founder of the Black culture publication Taji Mag, a visionary photographer, and a dreamer.

Proclamations From Our Royals

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Nay enjoys learning about the healing and protective properties of gemstones as well as the cleansing of and caring for them and spreading that knowledge to her community.

NayMarie has also Co-Founded the non-profit, the Black Business amplifier that was developed by her husband, Will Focus. She is a firm believer in building and sustaining the Black community from within. It is vital that we support and patron Black-owned establishments.