Adorned In Taji is wearable confidence. Our Adornments, created by the founder of Taji Mag, NayMarie, are handcrafted with Crystals, Copper, Cowrie, Wood, and Love. Some of our pieces have multi-use and can be worn in a variety of styles. They are designed with a divine aesthetic that makes you feel as powerful on the outside as you are on the inside. No matter your age or gender, Adorned In Taji brings out your Royal.

NayMarie is a multi-faceted creative who is motivated by her passion for her community. As a published photographer and the founder and editor of the Black Culture publication, Taji Mag, Nay is elevating Black imagery, brands, and narratives. Taji Mag embodies the traditional and modern spirit of Pan-African people. Taji offers its readers quality advice to assist them economically, healthy options to maintain a happy lifestyle, think pieces to test the societal norms that are not meant for us, #BlackLoveConvo to increase the self and communal love in all aspects, beauty and fashion inspiration to sustain the legacy of our artistry and more. 

NayMarie modestly started creating adornments to encourage and assist her mother’s entrepreneurial journey. Although her mother placed jewelry creation on pause, Nay developed a passion for adorning her clients in the healing and protective powers of crystal, copper, cowrie, and wood adornments thus Adorned in Taji was born. Taji means Crown in Kiswahli. Seeing the confidence of her clients instantly boost has repeatedly fulfilled her purpose. Nay expressed, “Hearing multiple clients say that they feel like royalty and watching the way they finesse a mirror or an IG video literally swells my heart and reinforces that I am here to aid in the healing and upliftment of my community.”

Repeat and top referring client, Serrano Barnes lovingly stated, “Say, my crew outchea looking like pure Kings. I got up with Dante and Lawrence and we all had on something lol! I was like ‘oh y’all tryin’ to stunt on me?'” Monica Murphy beautifully posted to Instagram, “A special shoutout to @adornedintaji @tajimagazine! I know I’ve said this many times…but I will continue to say it again and again. I absolutely love your handmade/custom-made crowns. I am truly grateful for you and your creativity. I hope you know how many smiles you’ve put on so many faces, especially mine. I feel like such a princess when I’m adorned in your beautiful head jewelry. Having alopecia, suffering from permanent hair loss is not easy and at times extremely depressing. I feel frustrated but your beautiful crowns cheer me up on those days when I’m feeling blah and really missing my hair. It’s so nice to have options besides wearing wigs scarves & hats. So again thank beautiful sis. 🙏🏽🥰🙌🏽” Another satisfied client, Anesha, left the following review after purchasing a nose chain. “Absolutely love the products as well as the service! Product arrives exactly as pictured in the sample and shipping was pretty fast! Owner is extremely responsive to inquiries and is overall an absolute pleasure to work with! Would definitely recommend.”

Nay enjoys learning about the healing and protective properties of gemstones as well as the cleansing of and caring for them and spreading that knowledge to her community.

NayMarie has also Co-Founded the non-profit, the Black Business amplifier that was developed by her husband, Will Focus. She is a firm believer in building and sustaining the Black community from within. It is vital that we support and patron Black-owned establishments.