Intuitively handcrafted with nature’s raw materials.

Get into Adorned In Taji

Adorned In Taji creates adornments that enhance your personal power, energizing your spirit to materialize your aspirations. Offering healing jewelry and altar and ritual tools, we accompany you on the journey to living your most fulfilling life while looking like a whole vibe.

Our pieces are intuitively designed and carefully handcrafted with nature’s raw materials, including ethical gemstones, cowrie, metals, and wood. Our supplies are sustainably sourced from mostly family-run businesses around the globe.

We take pride in embellishing our Royals across all ages and genders, providing versatile pieces that complement diverse lifestyles.

Handmade with Love

Watch as I handcraft my husband's wedding band.

  • "The Mystery Box turned out to be the best gift to myself. It connects everything I need to support my healing and spiritual journey. I love how it was beautifully arranged and included a personalized letter that describes each item and the purpose. The shipping and delivery was fast."

    Sherri, Cedar Hill, TX

  • "Beyond perfect! I'm in my six nine year and prefer simplicity yet beauty. My mystery box was created and designed just for ME! I don't know how Nay did it yet I KNOW SHE DID!!!"

    Ather, Southfield, MI

  • Just received my Labradorite Elixir necklace from Adorned In Taji and it exceeded my expectations! It's beautiful and substaintial. It's comfortable to wear and the length allows it to be worn in numerous ways. The design is modern with an ethnic vibe! It's a showstopper! I absolutely love it!

    Amarie, Scarsdale, NY


Adorned In Taji was born when multifaceted Creative, Healing Arts Jeweler, and Certified Crystal & Chakra Healer, NayMarie, sought alternative methods to help heal, uplift, and empower her community.

“I’ve rarely been attracted to the road most traveled. Once I discovered that 90% of the knowledge I learned in school was useless or false, I started looking into preventative healthcare, multiple streams of income, and how to welcome peace into my life.”