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Adorned In Taji Lip Cuffs

Amplify Your Spirit

with Adorned In Taji

Adorned In Taji creates adornments that enhance your personal power, aiding your Spirit to manifest your intentions, and supplies you with healing, alter, and ritual tools to live your best life.

Our pieces are intuitively designed and carefully handcrafted with nature’s raw materials, including ethical gemstones, cowrie, metals, and wood while our supplies are sustainably sourced from mostly family-run businesses around the globe.

It’s an honor to adorn Royals — no matter your age nor gender — and to offer multi-dimensional pieces that complement a variety of lifestyles.

NayMarie is a Certified Crystal Healer & Healing Arts Jeweler

Adorned In Taji came to be when multifaceted Creative, Healing Arts Jeweler, and Certified Crystal & Chakra Healer, NayMarie, sought alternative methods to help heal, uplift, and empower her community. “I’ve rarely been attracted to the road most traveled. Once I discovered that 90% of the knowledge I learned in school was useless or false, I started looking into preventative healthcare, multiple streams of income, and how to welcome peace into my life.”

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Goddess Behavior

Goddess Behavior

Goddess Behavior honors all that we are. Multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, and polarizing. We are our best when we are Ma’at – balanced; rewarding both the achievements and the shadow-work to heal as many wounds as possible. We know when to call on which powers. Not all situations require us to rise above, sometimes we are a vessel for a lesson. Other times we are the example to show others how possibility looks. Through it all, we adorn ourselves as personal protection, amplification, and reminders. We are Royal.


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