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About Adorned In Taji 

Adorned In Taji creates adornments that enhance your personal power, aiding your Spirit to manifest your intentions, and supplies you with healing, alter, and ritual tools to live your best life. Our pieces are intuitively designed and carefully handcrafted with nature’s raw materials, including ethical gemstones, cowrie, metals, and wood while our supplies are sustainably sourced from mostly family-run businesses around the globe.

Taji means Crown in Kiswahili. The divine aesthetic that makes Adorned In Taji pieces so recognizable is channeled from a place long-known, a place where the royal blood flowing through our veins was honored and revered. A place of love.

It’s an honor to adorn Royals — no matter your age nor gender — and to offer multi-dimensional pieces that complement a variety of lifestyles. If you let it, Adorned In Taji amplifies your Royal.

My Story

Adorned In Taji came to be when Certified Crystal Healer, Healing Arts Jeweler, and multifaceted Creative, NayMarie, sought alternative methods to help heal, uplift, and empower her community.

Personal Statement:

I'm passionate about healing physical ailments and mental blocks. While I support modern medicine to analyze what could need help and even to fix emergency damage (broken bones, deep wounds, impalements, etc) we're well aware that it's not suitable for long-term care.

I believe in preventative care vs reactionary care. Most of us come out of the Womb with hidden trauma, both mental and physical, that's carried in our DNA.

My goal is to heal current conditions while preventing future trauma, especially those that plague our community.

Healing starts with your mind. It's proven that two people suffering from the same condition who receive the same exact treatment can experience two different outcomes based on whether they believe they'll recover or if they feel helpless. We know all of the stories about folks who were told they could never again walk, talk, use their hands, etc but their mindset and determination obliterated those diagnoses.

My eczema was so bad - literally from my face to my feet - that my doctor thought I would need steroids just to be functional enough to work (even though they also knew the steroids were making my condition worse).

NayMarie, Founder

With the help of my husband and some great healers, I changed my lifestyle. A clean diet to heal/support my body with nutrients, physical activity to keep my muscles and organs from getting stagnant, and adjusting my mental and physical vibrations with Crystal healing and herbs.

I initially loved crystals (before I knew their benefits) because I always gravitated toward pretty rocks. I had collected a few just because I was drawn to them. Later I discovered my first babies were exactly what I needed in my healing journey. Tigers Eye, Citrine, and Carnelian to heal issues with my skin, digestive tract, and Womb (they also bring focus, prosperity, and creativity which was perfect) and Amethyst to ease my mind and work on unresolved traumas.

The deeper I dove into Crystal work, the more I saw how my thoughts created my reality. If I had negative thoughts, I had a negative day. I could also instantly turn that around with a perspective switch.

I found that keeping certain crystals near me while executing certain tasks amplified my vibration and aided me towards completion.

Chakra Gemstone Pouch

I went further and started placing crystals on my body to intensify my healing intentions or under my pillow while I slept which stopped my over-active dreams and reduced my insomnia. I was waking up feeling rested.

When I started creating Crystal jewelry, I would have clients come back to me with wonderful stories about how their lives felt lighter, they were in more control of their thoughts and emotions, and how they now use their adornments for their daily manifestations.

This is why what I do is so important to me. I want to see us all win. We deserve it.

Nay developed a passion for adorning Royals in treasures from the Earth. Seeing the instant confidence boost and hearing her clients say that they felt like royalty while watching the way they finessed a mirror or an Instagram video literally swelled her heart and reinforced that she is here to be a catalyst in the prosperity of those in her tribe.

Plus they kept coming back and asking for more, so Nay continued to create and officially launched Adorned In Taji in June 2019. "I was introduced to creating jewelry when I aimed to help my Mom launch her business. She went down another path, but I never looked back."

Nay is most proud of how our Royals have used their Adornments to better their lives. At minimum, when they get Adorned In Taji, there is a confidence boost that they carry with them throughout the day. At their peak, they are making conscious changes for the betterment of their lives.

One thing that sets Adorned In Taji apart is that our mannequin, Shanta Thonga, is bald so she helps our Bald Royals and those living with Alopecia know that the Adornments they're eyeing will indeed accentuate their beauty. They get to feel seen and celebrated.

NayMarie is also the founder of the Black culture publication Taji Mag, a visionary photographer, and a dreamer.

Proclamations From Our Royals


Nay enjoys learning about the healing and protective properties of gemstones as well as the cleansing of and caring for them and spreading that knowledge to her community.