Moon Rituals for the Full and New Moon

Moon Rituals for the Full and New Moon, Moonstone Adorned In Taji

Moon Rituals (or Ceremonies or Practices)

Whether you're new to this or true to this, moon rituals are a fabulous way to manifest your desires and ease your spirit. Moon rituals are an ancient practice and a tool in your spiritual journey to guide you towards alignment and accomplishing your goals.

Under the new moon, the sun and moon come into alignment merging their masculine and feminine energies. This time is aligned with positive change.

During the full moon, the moon is fully feminine and is aligned with intuition, personal insight, nourishment, and even creativity.

Moon rituals can be performed by anyone, regardless of any religious practices or denominations. If the word ritual makes you uncomfortable, feel free to use ceremony or practice.


Moon Rituals, Labradorite Adorned In Taji

When manifesting, you're calling goals into your life. A powerful first step is writing down what you'd like to bring into your life with a pen and paper. Be clear and be specific.

The new moon is best for beginning new paths, starting projects, recognizing what you want to attract, and is a great time to set your intentions.

The full moon recognizes what you've manifested and completed. It's also a great time for cleansing and letting go of things that no longer serve you.

New Moon Rituals

To amplify intentions under the new moon, I like to:

  • Clean my living/workspace (I generally do this under both moons)
  • Clear out any current energies with sage and welcome in new energy with palo santo or incense that matches the intentions I'm setting
  • Light candles, specifically the colors that match my intentions
  • Burn oil/essential oil to accompany my intentions
  • Charge and program my crystals that are related to the intensions I'm setting

For example, if I'm welcoming wealth into my life, I'll fire up an Attracts Money incense, light a green/gold money candle, burn money oil or citrus essential oils, and charge and program my aventurine, pyrite, citrine, and jade gemstones.

Full Moon Rituals

Under the full moon I like to:

  • Clean my living/workspace
  • Clear out any current energies with sage and welcome in new energy with palo santo or incense
  • Say affirmations in the form I am statements and acknowledge what I'm grateful for.
  • Leave my stones under the full moon to cleanse them of any stagnant energy they may hold

When I need, I also release energies that no longer serve me under the Full Moon.

More Practices

Moon Rituals, Fire Agate Adorned In Taji

Your rituals can include journaling, taking a meditation bath with essential oils and herbs, and lighting candles. You can leave 7-day candles burning on your altar alongside your crystals and any written intentions or other amplifiers. Never blow out your 7-day candles. If you need to for safety, place them in a vase with water so they'll be instantly put out if accidentally knocked over.

You can even engage in other practices such as chakra alignment and seeing a reiki practitioner.

Most Importantly

Whatever makes you most comfortable at your current stage is best for you. Your journey is yours and yours alone. On my journey, I slowly swapped out old habits for new ones and didn't compare myself to others. I did what suited my spirit at the moment, without fear, with total belief in the possibilities, and watched my whole world change for the better.

No matter how much or little I do, what was most important was that I believed I deserved and could achieve my desires. Faith and action go hand in hand.

Note about gemstones: Remember that the power is always in us, our consciousness is more powerful than any outside sources. When using gemstone balancing, do not put all of your faith into the objects.

This is not medical advice. For medical advice, holistic or pharmaceutical, please contact a physician/professional.

Adorned In Taji LLC (including the owner, staff, and affiliates) is not responsible for the results or outcome of using or wearing our products.

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