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Rolling Out | Adorned in Taji creates beautiful jewelry that heals and inspires - Lerae Funderburg

Rolling out sat down with NayMarie, the woman behind Adorned in Taji. Her inspired pieces are produced from nature’s finest elements and each have their own story. NayMarie shares her own personal journey with us below.

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Adorned in Taji creates adornments that enhance your personal power, making you feel as powerful on the outside as you are on the inside. Our pieces are intuitively designed and carefully handcrafted with nature’s raw materials, including ethical gemstones, copper, cowrie, and wood. Taji means Crown in Kiswahili. The divine aesthetic that makes Adorned In Taji pieces so recognizable is channeled from a place where the royal blood flowing through our veins was honored and revered. A place of love. It’s an honor to adorn Royals — no matter your age nor gender — and to offer multi-dimensional pieces that complement a variety of styles, from casual to black-tie. If you let it, Adorned In Taji amplifies your Royal.

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This feature was also included on NewsBreak, Flipboard, and Posto Link.

Starting With Today (SWT) Podcast | Power of Creating It Series - NayMarie, Founder of Adorned In Taji

The Power of Creating It with NayMarie of Adorned In Taji!!

The one & only @iamnaymarie came through and blessed our space with love and healing!! We talked all things- finding your path, being your authentic self, mental health, and balancing it all. Thanks so much NayMarie!! Y’all slide through to @adornedintaji & @tajimagazine !

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Adorned in Taji Worn by Nell Coleman of the @BaldBossMovement on @RedTableTalk

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My @baldbossmovement Queens on @redtabletalk with the fabulous founder, @nellcoleman, wearing her Adorned In Taji earrings! 🙌🏾❤👑 All of you empresses look gorgeous!!

VoyageATL | Rising Stars: Meet Nay Marie

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nay Marie. 

Nay, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?
Adorned In Taji came to be when multifaceted Creative and Healing Arts Jeweler, NayMarie, sought alternative methods to help heal, uplift, and empower her community. 

“I’ve rarely been attracted to the road most traveled. Once I discovered that 90% of the knowledge, I learned in school was useless or false, I started looking into preventative healthcare, multiple streams of income, and how to welcome peace into my life.” 

“This led me to one of my favorite gifts from Gaia – gemstones. I’ve never been stingy with information, so I share with those who are willing to receive and want to live their best lives.” 

Nay developed a passion for adorning Royals in treasures from the Earth. Seeing the instant confidence boost and hearing them say that they felt like royalty while watching the way they finessed a mirror, or an Instagram video literally swelled her heart and reinforced that she is here to be a catalyst in the prosperity of those in her tribe. 

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The Story Exchange | She Took Over The Family Jewelry Business And Made It Her Own

The Story Exchange asked the reason for starting my business. I replied: I developed a passion for adorning people with beautiful pieces. Between seeing the instant confidence boost, and hearing them say that they feel like royalty while watching the way they finessed a mirror or an Instagram video literally swelled my heart and reinforced that I am here to aid in the healing and uplifting of my community. 

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ShoutOut Atlanta | Meet Nay Marie: Magazine Editor & Adornment Specialist

We had the good fortune of connecting with Nay Marie and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Nay, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?
From a child, I always knew I never wanted to work for someone else. Of course, as I got older and money demanded it, I worked several sales and management positions, but I needed all of them to teach me lessons that lead to how I run my businesses today. I was laid off from my last job in 2009 due to downsizing and have been a creative entrepreneur ever since.

I jumped in, unprepared (which I don’t recommend lol) eager, and determined. I knew I wanted to be my own boss, to control my own schedule, and generate income that was only controlled by my efforts. As my companies grew, so did my goals – aiding my community, contracting other Black business owners, empowering those who look like me to live their best lives.

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Emoir | Entrepreneurs Share Their Opinion On Juneteenth Becoming A Federal Holiday

“I feel like Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday is well overdue. Despite us still not being “free” in this country, it’s important for our people to have something to celebrate that brings comradery to the neighborhood. Most other holidays are tainted in some way or another and capitalism is already sinking in its claws, but, nonetheless, Juneteenth is ours. ✊🏾

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  • Title: Founder, Certified Crystal Healer & Healing Arts Jeweler
  • Company: Adorned In Taji
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