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Crystal Wellness Quick Guide

Crystal Wellness Quick Guide

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The Crystal Wellness Quick Guide is a curated handbook for those seeking to easily heal mentally, physically, and spiritually with crystals as a tool.

This informative guide also breaks down Chakras, their healing points on the body, how they are affected by different ailments, and which crystals and foods are best to aid in healing.

A Note about the Crystal Wellness Quick Guide

The Crystal Wellness Guide is the truncated directory for anyone looking for simple explanations regarding crystal healing. Most guides can be really technical but that's not helpful if you're new to crystals or just want direct 'how-to' answers that can jump-start you on your journey.

Healing with crystals is a practice that starts in your mind. Believe in the energy around you and use that to guide your everyday living.


Do I have to work with all of the crystals listed? Nope. Use the ones that call you. Even if you’re not sure, your spirit will guide you toward what you need.

Does this stuff really work? Again, belief in yourself and the tools at your hands goes a long way towards expediting your healing journey. You may need more than just crystals. For example, if your skin keeps breaking out from eating shellfish, first stop eating shellfish, then use crystals and other techniques to work on healing your body. Or if your partner is toxic, the crystals may protect you from certain aspects of the relationship, but ultimately, if your partner is not willing to work on themself, it would be best for you to leave that situation alone.

The Crystal Wellness Guide is a digital download. A printed magazine copy can be requested via email. Printed guides are generally shipped in 1-2 weeks.

Services & Products are non-refundable.

Note: Remember that the power is always in us, our consciousness is more powerful than any outside sources. When using gemstone/metal balancing, do not put all of your faith into the objects. This is not medical advice. For medical advice, holistic or pharmaceutical, please contact a physician/professional.
Adorned In Taji LLC (including the owner, staff, and affiliates) is not responsible for the results or outcome of using or wearing our products.
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